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OPA Interview Portlet on Liferay

Is there any specific updates that needs to be made to OPA Interview Portlet war file in order for it to work properly in Liferay?

I'm using Liferay CE with OPA 10.4.5 portlet. I've made updates to the redirect value in web.xml

OPA help suggests that Liferay is not supported as per Oracle Policy Automation Developer's Guide but I can see liferay-portlet.xml in the war file. I'd assume it is supported. I even added the plugin from examples as mentioned in the guide.


     OPA vanilla portlet (including the social screening example) gets deployed in Liferay

     The portlet can be added to the site

     Can choose from available rulebases and languages

     Summary screen is displayed listing all goals

     Clicking on goal links to investigate navigates to the first interview form


     After populating the data in the first form and clicking on submit, the generic error message screen is displayed

     The error is also cached in the portlet and doesn't allow the user to "restart" the interview without bouncing the server or using another browsers (maybe cache issue)

The logs indicate that the error is due to "Null Pointer Exception" when the engine is trying the process the current state of the goal.

Is this a problem with the way Liferay processes and sends the information to OPA? What workarounds are available?




  • Linda P
    Linda P Member Posts: 26

    Hi Ajay,

    The portlet doesn't officially support Liferay because we found various issues with Liferay when testing our portlet. We also found that different versions of Liferay exhibited different issues, and therefore we haven't tested the portlet with more recent versions of Liferay (since developing the portlet 2+ years ago), so I'm afraid we can't provide any more specific help.



  • Thanks for the update Linda.

    Since Oracle does not officially support the portal, we'll be looking at other supported portals.



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