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WebCenter Portal and OAM

Hello all,

I am looking for a whitepaper, datasheet, blog, presentation, or any documentation that can help describe how WebCenter Portal and Oracle Access Management integrate and function together.

Here are some more specific questions:

  1. Self-Registration.
    • Is this done through a WC Portal page or a redirect to a page managed by an IDM component (OAM or OIM) ?
    • What kind of confirmation mechanisms do we support (Natively with IDM and with a Portal integration)
  2. SSO with OAM. (That is the most nebulous one for me)
    • What is OAM's responsibility vs Portal's responsibility?
    • I understand the the OAM webgate protects the Portal login page, but once the user is authenticated:
      • Does OAM know at this point that the user has access to apps such as EBS or PSFT?
      • If the user selects an application within a Portal page, is OAM doing something?
    • How about Web Services; if a web service is called from within a Portal page, is OAM involved ... or is it a different IDM component?
  3. User provisioning
    • Is OIM the recommended software to provision Portal users?
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