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RAID Profile Configuration Example for Oracle x64 platforms

Attempting to configure the HW RAID devices as part of a complex Ops Center Plan eventually, however just getting the profile off the ground is a little confusing.

Talks about RAID configuration and the first few steps make sense. Create a RAID1 for boot disks on an Oracle x64 in preparing for an Oracle Linux 6 installation. However the confusion comes in for the specify disks component. Attempting to make this generic so it will work across multiple system types (x4-2B, older x4170 m2, and similar) we need to be able to make this work.

Specify disks kind of doesn't work as the example only says using the naming convention of c0t0d0s0.

Following the bouncing ball in the Create Profile Wizard for a"RAID Controller".

Specify RAID Configuration

RAID Volume Name: boot

RAID Level: RAID 1 - Mirroring for redundancy

Number of Disks: 2

Stripe Size: 128KB

Then "next"

Specify Disks:

Identify the physical disks that support the RAID volume or let the RAID controller use available disks.

     Number of Disks: 2

[ ] Use the following disks (separated by commas):

     Disk IDs: [_____________________________]

[ ] Allow the RAID controller to select disks:

     RAID Controller ID: [__________________________]

The Help option says:

Each RAID volume relies on a set of physical hard drives. In the previous step, you specified the number of disks that contribute to the total storage capacity of the volume. In this step, you designate these disks, for example, c0t0d0. An alternative is to let the RAID controller identify available disks.

So for Linux, does that mean I specify as sda and sdb, if those are the disks I want? How do I know then how what will present to the Oracle Linux installation profile to select the relevant target device for the boot/root disk configuration and partitioning?

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