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Exception when consuming a webservice

user13013026 Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon
edited Dec 16, 2014 1:13PM in WebLogic Portal

I am trying to consume a webservice in my application and able to successfully invoke the webservice however I am getting the exception as below

weblogic.wsee.jaxws.framework.policy.advertisementimpl.AdvertisementHelperImpl registerExtension

WARNING: Registering extension failed; java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

05-Dec-2014 18:36:28 weblogic.wsee.jaxws.spi.WLSServiceDelegate addWsdlDefinitionFeature

SEVERE: Failed to create WsdlDefinitionFeature for wsdl location: http://servername:port/xxx/XXXService?wsdl, error:, message: 2 counts of InaccessibleWSDLException.

Please help me to fix this issue

Thanks in advance


  • rajeev.y.ranjan-Oracle
    rajeev.y.ranjan-Oracle Member Posts: 717 Employee

    I think you had hitted a bug here.

    In order to address the issue apply patch from Bug 17246737.Steps to download and apply the patch are listed below:

    Go to MOS and search for the bug 17246737

    1) Log onto My Oracle Support.

    2) Click on the "Patches & Updates" tab.

    3) Click on "Patch Name, Number (the default).

    4) For the "Patch Name or Number" type in the patch number (for example: 17246737).

    5) Choose the "Platform" or (Select the default which is "Select up to 5" for any platforms)

    6) Hit Search.



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