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Weblogic Portal 10.3.6 Implementing Fork

We are having a requirement of implementing multiple portlets running parallel to improve the performance. But, there are some inter-dependencies between 'some' of the portlets. We tried implementing FORK for the portlets in order to execute the portlets in parallel. Because of dependencies among the portlets, we are not getting the required results. We tried implementing IPC along with Fork option but that's not working as expected.  As per Oracle documentation IPC are not suggested to be used along with FORK. My Questions below

Do we have an option to implement FORK and also implement WAIT for some portlets which has dependencies? For example, if i have Portlet-A, Portlet-B, Portlet-C and Portlet-D. Where Portlet-B, Portlet-C and Portlet-D are dependent on Portlet-A. Can we implement FORK to Portlet-B, Portlet-C and Portlet-D and make them wait till Portlet-A is complete? If we set Portlet-B, Portlet-C and Portlet-D as FORKABLE, it starts executing in parallel to Portlet-A because of which we are not getting expected results.

Any other ideas/options for this implementing this requirement is appreciated.

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