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Unable to activate ASR for an asset in Ops Center

msadiq Member Posts: 44
edited Dec 23, 2014 7:47AM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

While activating an asset in ASR it gets failed. There was a case opened with Oracle but they suggested to Re-install Oracle Ops Center . Is there any alternate method to solve this issue .

The problem was that a host was added a long time ago with another IP address and it was not removed . After chanign the IP it is unable to recognise the asset and activate ASR. Is there any option to remove the old conflicting entry of the asset .


Mohammed Sadiq


  • Hello Mohamed,

    This question is complex. There are 2 sides :

    #1  one is the cleanup of the asset with wrong IP

    #2  the other is the ASR activation problem

    For issue #1 , to do the cleanup we need a jmxdump to understand the level of the cleanup that needs to be done. This would need to be worked in the case you have.

    About the ASR issue #2, the activation fails because it is trying to activate a wrong formatted serial number

    "ERROR The assets serial number ({0}) was not found in your CSI(s)"

    So we would need more debug traces. I would suggest you create new SR if you don't have one already.

    Please ask the SR owner to engage me if you want we discuss about it.


    Jean-Michel Quint

    Ops Center Global Support Manager

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