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FDM:Issue with Launching Essbase agg calc cript after FDM load complete

745408 Member Posts: 133
edited Jan 5, 2015 10:07AM in Financial Data Management

Hi experts ,

I am using a upshell batch to run FDM custom VB script  to process 12 months data file which is running fine. All level 0 data is sucessfully loaded into Essbase.

But now the problem is to launch Agg calc scipt in Essbase. I tried 2 options but having following issues:


If i am giving Agg script name in Validation entity and runs the load Up-To-Consolidate then FDM runs that agg script after each month load (ie: 12 times) but i just want to run that agg script after complete 12 months data load from FDM to Essbase.

Is there any way i can set Calc script to run after all data is loaded in Essbase ?


If i call tha Essbase batch (which call MaxL to run the calc script) in AftLoad event script then again script is running 12 times after each load. Can you please suggest if i can modify the VB code with IFcondition here ? (ie: IF period is 12 then call \\Essbase server\***\.Batch) ? If possible please provide the sample code as i am new to VB ?

Please suggest

Thanks a lot !




  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown

    I guess you are using Batch Loader from your custom script??

    Then you could use BatchAction to execute your maxl batch when the batch processing finishes.

    In that way you would have only one execution after your 12 period file is processed.

    I would suggest having a look to "Batch-Load Single Multiload File (Up To Check) Process" section in the FDM API Guide.

    If your file is Multiload file you could also use MultiLoad Action Script.

    For example, for multiload action you could say something like:

    If Month(objLSItem.PstrTBPer) = 12 Then


    That code checks period being processed is December (in case you load from Jan to Dec)

    I hope that helps

  • 745408
    745408 Member Posts: 133

    Thanks Amores for looking into this...Yes. I am using batch loder custom general script to process my periodic files (Jan to Dec) up to load.

    In my requirement i will always recive monthly files so have to process all monthly files rather single multiload file..

    Can you please suggest any function name by which i can retreive the current processing period in FDM/Essbase so i can use that function in my IF statement to run the aggregation after Dec file is processed.. I think this would be use in BatchAction Event ? 

    Really appreciate your time and help !

  • 745408
    745408 Member Posts: 133

    RES.PstrPer worked !

  • Francisco Amores
    Francisco Amores Member Posts: 1,693 Bronze Crown

    Cool, please mark this question as answered so others can see its feedback.


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