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sqlldr cannot start because oranfsodm12.dll is missing

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Hi, Oracle Experts

sqlldr gave error when I tried to run it.


OS: Win7 64bit

"Oracle Database Client" I used is from this page: Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( for Microsoft Windows (x64)

     (Scroll down on that page, I use "Oracle Database Client ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)". Tried x64 version client. It gave same error message.)

After hours searching online, I found this link that might be temporary solution: [Oracle] Fichier oranfsodm12.dll absent du package client ,  Blog de Jérémy Jeanson (The page is in French. Here is the link translated by Google

It suggests that, in bin folder, copying oraodm12.dll and renaming it to oranfsodm12.dll could be a fix. I tried, that works for me so far.

Does any have any other suggestion? It seems a bug in this version "Oracle Client", if any one has the link for other version of Oracle Database Client (which comes with sqlldr utility), please provide. I will appreciate it.



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