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Ops Center 12c Library ERROR

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edited Mar 3, 2015 10:43AM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Hello, I just installed Ops Center 12c in connected mode.

And I'm having the following error when I chose download OS Image > Solaris 10 Update 11 for SPARC:

The specified image is either already present in the OS provisioning library or is being downloaded by another user. Please select the image from the OS Provisioning library

The problem is that the image is NOT visible in my Initial EC Library and there is no downloading in progres, I made another try to download Solaris 10 Update 10 for SPARC and it was successfully downloaded and added to my Initial EC Library.

I have already restarted the Ops Center server and still getting the same error.

Anyone know how to remove that Solaris 10U11 "ghost image" from the Library manually?


*I had not a single error in the OCDoctor --ec-prereq   nor   OCDoctor --check-connectivty , the Ops Center installation completed without any error.

*I already provisioned Solaris 11.2 machines but the only trouble has been downloading Solaris 10 Update 11 image,

*In the directory /var/opt/sun/xvm/os/iso/ there are these 2 symbolic links that were created right when the download of the Solaris 10 Update 10 was finished , I can not find anything related to the Solaris 10 Update 11 image.



[email protected]:/var/opt# ls -l sun/xvm/images/os/iso

total 2

lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     sys           79 Mar  2 19:03 __SUNWCAT_80000062 -> /var/opt/library/swlib0/7270aad0-b13c-424d-9b88-6664a0399174/__SUNWCAT_80000062

lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     sys           83 Mar  2 19:03 __SUNWCAT_80000062.sig -> /var/opt/library/swlib0/7270aad0-b13c-424d-9b88-6664a0399174/__SUNWCAT_80000062.sig

[email protected]:/var/opt# ls -l /var/opt/library/swlib0/7270aad0-b13c-424d-9b88-6664a0399174/__SUNWCAT_80000062

-rw-r--r--   1 root     sys      2285240320 Mar  2 19:02 /var/opt/library/swlib0/7270aad0-b13c-424d-9b88-6664a0399174/__SUNWCAT_80000062


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