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FDMEE two way communication

JanGLi Member Posts: 649 Bronze Badge
edited Apr 15, 2015 1:45AM in Financial Data Management


I know we can have two way communication of hyperion and ebs (we can load data from hyperion into ebs and from ebs to hyperion). My question is, can we place a check on hyperion budget data? e.g

I have a Purchase Order in EBS. When this PO is generated it goes to hyperion and check weather i have sufficient budget or not. If not than PO is cancelled else my PO completes.

Is it possible using default functionality of FDMEE?

Can we somehow achieve this, using other methods?


Best Answer

  • SH_INT
    SH_INT Member Posts: 3,192 Bronze Crown
    edited Apr 13, 2015 7:30AM Accepted Answer

    As you state FDMEE allows you to write budget data back into EBS in its out-of-the-box functionality. Why don't you use this native functionality to write the necessary budget data back to EBS and perform the PO validation you require there. FDMEE will not natively support the method you are proposing.


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