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Solaris 10 provisioning via Ops Center 12c

user6991822 Member Posts: 5
edited Apr 20, 2015 1:13AM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Hi All,

We have deployed Ops Center with Enterprise Controllers and Proxy Controllers in Solaris 11 and it is successfully provisioning Solaris 11 OS.

We have issues with deploying Solaris 10 OS from Ops Center. Considering the environment is large with several subnets, we are trying to configure Ops Center (EC) to work as a wanboot server to provision Solaris 10, however wanboot setup for Solaris 10 provisioning is not working as expected. Does anyone have a working model as requested above. If so, your guidance will be much appreciated.

Server used - T servers with LDOMS for (EC) and (PC).


Jagadesh Selvaraj

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