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Why is the list of values not including all items?

user12011993 Member Posts: 1
edited May 6, 2015 9:59AM in Discoverer

Has anyone ever seen this before?

An item exists within an Oracle Discoverer folder which joins both a Code and a Description together into a single item. e.g. "0001 - ANNUAL LEAVE"

A Parameter has been created based on this item. However, when I click on the LOV or torch, "0001 - ANNUAL LEAVE" (and lots of other items) is not available to select via the LOV but 46 others are.

The LOV item class seems has been added via Discoverer Admin. and seems to be set up fine as it displays the other items for selection.

The items display the data before the parameter/condition is added so it is not a question of access or conditions ruling the data out.

Has anyone ever experienced similar? Using OracleBI Discoverer 10g (


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