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Error parsing formula for [FIX STATEMENT] (line 1): unknown member name ["Explicit"] in function [@I

Sardonix Member Posts: 17
edited Jun 5, 2015 4:41PM in Financial Data Management

First and foremost we're having similar issue as Nathan below -- with slightly different errors for different period loads.  I load Jul-FY14 and data loads, returns error list with 10-15 lines similar to Essbase load errors (rejected members).  I load Aug-FY14 and get the message below.  My question is this -- if the same location, category and only period is different, why is the error behavior different.  I would expect BOTH to either return the error list (rejected members) with errors in the error report box or both blow up with the below error.


Thanks, Tim Smith

(Thanks to Nathan -- sure you got your issue resolved by now)

========= Nathan's post =========



I am trying to export data to essbase from fdm. I have got a data file to import and validate. However, when I do an export I receive the following error

Data Clear Error

Calc Script Failed.


Description=Essbase API Procedure: [EsbCalc] Threw code: 1200497 - 1200497 - [Tue Mar 01 10:19:59 2011]<server</<appname>/<databasename>/nathan.goodearl/Error(1200497)

Error parsing formula for [FIX STATEMENT] (line 1): unknown member name ["Explicit"] in function [@IDESCENDANTS]

I have exported the data load and there is a single data entry which shows each dimension and the amount aggregated. From the error is appears it is trying to load this one line instead of the level zero data. I am fairly new to FDM so the way to data is presented might be correct....either way the data isn't being loaded to Essbase.



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