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ODI 11g integration with salesforce

2755523 Member Posts: 39
edited Sep 4, 2015 10:15AM in Data Integrator

Hi All,

We are trying to integrate and establish connectivity to via ODI 11g.

I see a  sales force technology in topology which says its deprecated.Can we still use this technology?

I went through the steps mentioned in…

Here it is mentioned that we can reverse engineer objects using a RKM called RKM

Where would I be able to find this knowledge module,and Can i use this RKM to with the deprecated Salesforce technology??

Any help on this will be really  appreciated.

Thanks and Regards




  • Pete_Scott
    Pete_Scott Member Posts: 132
    edited Jun 11, 2015 6:34AM

    One of the problems with accessing something like Salesforce is that supported protocols change over time, even if you manage to source the RKM for Salesforce it may well not work now (not withstanding any ODI semantic changes)

    What are you trying to achieve - access to individual Salesforce records or bulk copy of the data? As the most appropriate technique to access data will vary with the use.

    I hear that DataDirect make a JDBC connector for SalesForce - this may be worth investigating. You could also look at writing a procedure to access the SalesForce Web Interface but you may have some work around session tokens to do - not a problem, but just needs a little planning. The other method of note is to use the BULK data API - you can script this in ODI if you want - it will give you a file of data to process as you would any other file

  • sarkarsumit
    sarkarsumit Member Posts: 2
    edited Sep 4, 2015 10:15AM

    We recently leveraged the new KMs created by the Oracle A-team for Salesforce and cloud connectivity with DataDirect, and it's working great.  These will work for both DataDirect JDBC and DataDirect Cloud JDBC drivers for Salesforce.

    Here is the write-up:

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