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Clustered Vs Singlenode

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edited Jun 17, 2015 11:32PM in Web Space Server

Hi All,

Please let us know whether caching works differently in clustered and single node env.

We are facing a different issue:


We are trying to access variables of parent element in child element and they are accessible in single node env.

But when our code went to clustered env. there variables of parent elements are not visible to child elements.

So, we changed our code as shown below in clustered env. then variables of parent are accessible in child in clustered env.

Template-Parent(Cached)--------------render:callelement scope=global------------------------------->SiteEntry-Child(Cached)

What could be the reason for this?

Do we need to make any configuration changes in clustered env. so that we can make our code(Satellite:page) behave in same manner in clustered and single node env.



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