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Question about Webcenter Suite or any product suite in general

Eduardo Angel Hernandez
Eduardo Angel Hernandez Member Posts: 3
edited Jul 22, 2015 11:31PM in Integration

Hi all.

I have a question about what can I do with a processor perpetual license for a suite of products, example Weblogic Suite, Soa Suite, BPM Suite, or Webcenter Suite, this same question applies to all of them.

Let's take for example, Company Acme has acquired two processor perpetual license for Webcenter Suite Plus.

Which scenario is correct?

a) ACME can install the different products of a suite on different servers without exceeding the processors licensed. Example: 1 server with 4 cores (2 processors) with Webcenter Content and 1 server with 4 cores (2 processors) with webcenter Portal.

b) ACME can only install all of the products in the suite on the same server with the same processors 4 cores (2 processors)

Is there any oficial documentation that I can show to the customer?


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