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ZS3 Storage has switched on Compression AND dedup but/therefore issues with througput

3007050 Member Posts: 5
edited Aug 7, 2015 8:47AM in ZFS Storage Appliance


we installed a couple of months ago a ZS3 storage and the obviously necessary training is still waiting for us.

So we started with a share with NFS3 and NFS 4 Clients which hosts their QCOW2 Files at the share. For what ever reason we switched on compression and dedup.

Now we have trouble with the CPU coverage if we move/change huge files from/to the storage (2-12GByte)

During this time the CPU Core is blocked with more than 50% from zpool-tank which obviously interrupt/influence the other NFS operations to the storage.

I think we should switch of either dedup or Compression or both. Compression shows an ration of 2.30 for that share...

Over all shares dedup shows an ratio of 1.26 and compression 1.41. I dont know how to show dedup ratio for the share itself...

So how much trouble do I get if I switch of compression now ? Do this creates the same CPU problems for other NFS operations or will this run in background wit low prio ?

Thanks for help and clarification