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Sun Blade 2500 with XVR-600 doesn't work with Lenovo monitor

3012797 Member Posts: 3


I need to run several Sun Blade 2500 workstations each equipped with dual XVR-600 graphics cards. The machines are running Solaris 8. Changing the OS (e.g. to Solaris 9/10) is not an option.

They need to run at a resolution 1600x1200x75.

This works fine with a native 3rd party 1600x1200 monitor.

Since buying TFT monitors with that native resolution is kind of difficult nowadays, I thought:

"Why not try and connect a 1920x1200 monitor to that workstation and live with black stripes to the left and right?

Unfortunately my tries with a Lenovo Thinkvision LT2452pwc did show no success.

The monitor displays "signal out of range", which I take as an indication that there IS a signal, but it simply does not match the accepted range of that monitor.

The monitors specification does list 1600x1200 with 75 Hz, though.

So my question is:

What would be the trick to make the above mentioned combination work?

Does anybody have positive experience with connecting an up-to-date 1920x1200 monitor to a machine like the ones I use? I would love to receive your recommendations for a specific model?

A fallback option might also be to change the refresh rate to 60Hz, but my tries with "fbconfig -dev jfb0 -res 1600x1200x60" did not change anything, the adapter still works at 75Hz...

thanks in advance!


  • 3012797
    3012797 Member Posts: 3
    edited Aug 14, 2015 2:05PM

    What might need mentioning is that I connected the monitor to the machine while it was running, so without rebooting.

    Would a reboot help to sync monitor and graphics adapter?

  • Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
    Pascal Kreyer-Oracle Member Posts: 1,928
    edited Aug 14, 2015 2:36PM

    Rebooting will not help you.

    Strange situation as several resolutions can be used if we look on monitor and graphical card specs.

    Please check that patch 114554-38 is installed. This patch fixes some incompatibility with specific monitors.

  • 3012797
    3012797 Member Posts: 3
    edited Aug 17, 2015 8:36AM

    Dear Pascal,

    thanks for the quick reply!

    I found out that the patch you mention is not installed with the help of "showrev -p | grep 114554-38

    However, these machines are out of maintenance since long. I gues that means no chance to get a hold of that patch?

    Sorry for any dumb question, it's been a very long time since I was busy with Solaris systems.

    In the meantime I found out (with a hint on another forum) that setting the resolution with fbconfig command seems to only change the OWconfig file and these changes only take effect after restarting OW.

    Unless you come up with the not-recommended "now"-option, which I did and that way managed to display the monitor at 1600x1200x60.

    So the immidiate problem is solved by running at 60Hz.

    Thanks again!

  • Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
    Pascal Kreyer-Oracle Member Posts: 1,928
    edited Aug 17, 2015 8:49AM

    Unfortunately, the patch is only available with a valid contract.

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