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JRockit Mission Control Flight Recorder Truncate thread names

3020662 Member Posts: 2
edited Aug 28, 2015 3:26AM in JRockit


I am making a flight recording using: Oracle® JRockit Mission Control 4.1.0 (M4.1.0-247, 147304) and i notice that the thread names are being truncated on the "Events" view

is there anyway to prevent this from happening, as i need to know the full thread name. Alternatively, is there anyway to display the full thread name via some other view?

thanks in advance all



  • Klara Ward, Java Mission Control Dev-Oracle
    edited Aug 27, 2015 3:38AM

    I assume you mean the Events/Graph view.

    The full thread name is displayed in the tooltip (not very practical if you want to copy it though).

    You can also see the thread names in the Events/Threads view, or in the different Threads/* tabs.

    If you have identified the thread in the Events/Graph view and want it shown by itself in another view, you can rightclick the threadname and select Operative Set/Add Selection (or maybe Set Selection), then go to Events/Log or Events/Threads and check the Show Only Operative Set checkbox in the upper right corner.

  • 3020662
    3020662 Member Posts: 2
    edited Aug 27, 2015 6:16PM

    Thank you Klara,

    tooltip on Events/Graph view is a nice pickup, i didnt notice that. shame you cant extract it somehow

    just FYI -> the full thread name is truncated on all other views. looks to be around 30 chars

    if you have any other suggestions on how i can get the info in some sort of consolidated view i would be very appreciative

    thank you again

  • Klara Ward, Java Mission Control Dev-Oracle
    edited Aug 28, 2015 3:26AM

    Does the tooltip show the full name, or could it be that the data is truncated in the JFR recording?

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