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HFM Automation

MNW Member Posts: 118

We're on classic HFM and want to automate the load of metadata from DRM to HFM. Due to the recent API change and the fact that there is no native functionality in HFM to automate this process, we are planning to develop an application to perform this automated process using the new HFM Java API.

Has anyone successfully done this? Can someone share some insight into the process or other ways where HFM can automatically load metadata from DRM exports? We are not using EPMA for this project, so that's not a possibility.


Murali PasumartiUser_RR4O9


  • HVilminko
    HVilminko Member Posts: 19
    edited Aug 28, 2015 3:14AM

    Have you experimented with LCM (Lifecycle Management)? You can use LCM to import metadata into a classic application as long as the file is in correct format. The easiest way to figure out the format is to do an LCM export from the application so you get a text file you can inspect. Once you get the format right you can use Utility.bat to automate the process (see the EPM Lifecycle Management Guide for more details).



    Murali PasumartiUser_RR4O9
  • User_RR4O9
    User_RR4O9 Member Posts: 176 Bronze Badge
    edited Sep 1, 2015 10:57AM

    I'll be honest, I think probably very few people are using the API to load metadata. Most of the implementations I've seen in recent times, use EPMA for dimensionality (realize you are on Classic). What's really interesting is Mr Vilminko's (@HVilminkosuggestion above...I would probably go down that path and test.

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