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Ultra 20 (NOT the M2): Can RAM be upgraded beyond 4GB?

ML Starkey
ML Starkey Member Posts: 1
edited Oct 13, 2015 10:08AM in Workstations General Discussion


I am trying to find out if the Ultra 20 workstations can be upgraded beyond 4GB of RAM.  Clearly, the U20 M2 is capable, but

it is not clear if this includes the U20.

This portion of the Release Notes seems to indicate that it can:

"System Won't Boot with 2 GB x 4 and IOMMU set to 64MB The system will not boot if memory is configured with four 2 GB DIMMs and if IOMMU is set (in the BIOS) to 64MB. To resolve this issue update to BIOS v1.1.6, which is available on Sun Fire X2100 Supplemental ISO image 1.7. See, Accessing and Updating BIOS Versions."
(emphasis added)

Just curious if anyone has tried that, and any results, etc.

Thanks and Regards,

ML Starkey

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