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Ultra 45 random freeze

ODesk Member Posts: 27 Blue Ribbon
edited Nov 19, 2015 11:51PM in Workstations General Discussion

I have an Ultra 45 workstation that has now been put into service so hasn't been used for a while.

The host suddenly freezes, the mouse and keyboard are unresponsive and the host is not pingable on the network.  Stop-A does nothing and the host does not panic.  All I can do is power off the host and reboot but there's nothing in the logs to indicate what happened.

This has happened twice in as many weeks so I am concerned it will become a regular occurance.

I've kicked off a VTS hardware stress test but so far OK.  The only error has been during the System Excerciser test:

SunVTS7.0ps19.2: VTSID 6427 vtsk.ERROR : Processor.iutest.0[IU] (pid=3389) exited with exit code: 93 during task 1401.

But then performing a Component Stress test on the CPUs returns no errors so I don't think this is the problem (just a VTS bug)

Any thoughts on what to do?  I guess if the host is not panicing it's possibly a system baord fault?  I'll probably reinstall Solaris 10 fresh if it happens again to eliminate the OS...


  • Walter Torres-Oracle
    Walter Torres-Oracle Member Posts: 40
    edited Oct 28, 2015 8:30PM


    I would suggest to:

    + Monitor serial port for any error message sent to console

    + Update OBP to lastest version (patch 142703-01)

    + Run POST with 'max' level

    + Update Solaris 10 to latest recommended patches or reinstall from scratch.

    + Run Oracle VTS in stress mode for memory and processor.

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    Walter Torres

  • ODesk
    ODesk Member Posts: 27 Blue Ribbon
    edited Nov 10, 2015 8:25PM

    Thanks Walter

    Already tried most of the steps above

    My next step was to reinstall Solaris, but then my user noticed that the problem only seemed to occur when working within rdesktop.  I decided to swap out the hardware (keeping the disk) and hasn't had a problem since. 

    I am fairly convinced the problem was with one of the two graphic cards installed in the box as I know rdesktop is graphic intensive.  I've been using the now box myself (but without rdesktop) and replaced the graphic cards and hasn't been a problem once.

    As for the VTS error, I logged a fault with Oracle and they think it might be related to an existing bug which will probably get resolved in the next release, so not a real fault.

    So who really knows, but I hope this story helps someone else in a similar situation!

  • ODesk
    ODesk Member Posts: 27 Blue Ribbon
    edited Nov 19, 2015 11:51PM

    Further to this reply, Oracle support have told me that the VTS error above is due to VTS 7.0 or better not being tested on the Ultra 25/45 machines.  They say use VTS 6.4 for vintage systems.

    I was happy with their answer except I could not find anything anywhere that said VTS 7.0 was not supported, and the only system requirement for SPARC was Solaris OS S10U5 or greater.  In fact, I'm not even sure why they call it a vintage system when it is still under Premier Support according to today's Doc ID 1450710.1

    Anyway at the risk of hijacking my own thread, can anyone point me to documentation that supports this statement that VTS 7.0 is only for certain platforms? 

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