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Opscenter 12c Server Migration - from solaris 11 x86_64 to solaris 11 sparc

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edited Oct 27, 2015 10:36AM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Hi all,

We are planning to move an exisisting installation of Opscenter 12c from a solaris 11.2 x86_64 to a solaris 11.2 SPARC.

We couldn't find any migration related documents on migrate the whole opscenter installation, can anyone point us to some helping documents, if available?

I think we'll need new installation of the same release of opscenter on the SPARC server for sure, but i'm wondering if it's possible to manually copy to the new server the software repositories, and import in the oracle db a full export from the old x86_64 server to avoid loosing all the asset provisioned at the time.

Thanks for your time


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