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Help processing Journal in FDMEE

905380 Member Posts: 8
edited Nov 4, 2015 4:38AM in Financial Data Management


I am having issues understanding loading a journal in FDMEE I am familiar with the process in FDM Classic but not in EE. Questions include:

1) Can I use the old FDM Classic's journal template? I also read about the new version so where could I get a copy of the new FDMEE journal template?

2) Read on the admin guide that an Enable Journal Load box needs to be checked within Target Application's Application Options tab. However, I do not see an Enable Journal box.

3) Also read elsewhere that may have indicated that a location that has been assigned an import format may not be able to process journals. Is this correct or am I mistaken?

4) Can we load a journal with value: <Entity Currency> instead of <Entity Curr Adjs>? Will it appear in

Please suggest an answer to above queries. Really looking forward to be able to resolve this quickly.





  • ThinkFDM
    ThinkFDM Member Posts: 224 Silver Badge
    edited Nov 4, 2015 4:38AM
    1. FDM Classic and FDMEE journal templates should be the same.  You can download the journal template from FDMEE via the Download Template button on the Data Load Workbench screen.
    2. In FDMEE, go to Setup > Register > Target Application.  Select your target application and in the Application Details area, select the Application Option tab.  There, you should see the Enable Journal Load option.
    3. All FDMEE locations are required to be associated with an import format.  However, when using the journal template, you are bypassing the import format associated with the location.
    4. HFM journal entries are intended to go to some sort of adjustment member of the Value dimension, e.g. <Entity Curr Adjs>.

    Good luck.

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