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EPMA enabled HFM application data migration

bidimensional Member Posts: 80
edited Nov 12, 2015 7:07AM in Financial Consolidation


I have an EPMA enabled HFM applicaton (version, OS: Windows Server 2008) that I need to clone on another environment for disaster recovery purposes. I've been following this document in order to have an understanding of the underlying structures HFM

Being this an EPMA enabled application what I thought is that I cannot use the HFM Copy Application before having the EPMA application in the target environment.

What I did, so, is to migrate through LCM the EPMA artifacts, deploy it in order to have the HFM application, then import through LCM the HFM artifacts. Then data tables have been copied across schemas, as per the above oracle document.

Everything went fine, and I could migrate and automate the export\import of the metadata, but I still have a problem with the data, which are not visible in the target application.

What I found is that the metadata IDs are different in the two environments, and I think this is due to the fact that in the target I deployed the EPMA application in order to have the HFM one, but I would really appreciate if someone could confirm my understanding.

In the document is stated that this should be the right approach (migrate EPMA, copy relevant tables) but this is not working for me. If I resolve the IDs in the metadata they are different between the two environments, and in the data tables the intersections are identified by the IDs, and also the Scenario in the tables name uses (if I understood properly) the id in the Scenario (which is different).

What should be the correct path to migrate an EPMA enabled application (I have access to the schemas) so that an alignment would require only the copy of the tables and the data from the DBAs?

Thank you,




  • ericerikson
    ericerikson Member Posts: 608 Bronze Trophy
    edited Nov 12, 2015 7:07AM

    Hi. To move the data extract it and then load using the interface or ODI or another tool. A database copy won't work as you're seeing. Also do the same with journals.


    Eric Erikson, CPA

    Independent HFM Consultant


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