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FDM open batch Issue?

Sattu28 Member Posts: 100 Blue Ribbon
edited Nov 16, 2015 9:19AM in Financial Data Management

Hi All,

I was doing HFM data load through FDM batch loader. One of the data files did not get processed and it stayed stuck in the Open batch folder. I loaded the concerned data file manually through Import - Validate - Export Steps in FDM and it Completed Successfully. I need help to know answers for below querries:

1. What may have stopped the file to load through batch loader, though other similar files get loaded successfully in same batch.?

2.  I can still see that file in Open batch which was stuck. So do i need to manually clear that file from open batch?

Please help me in seeking answer.





  • SH_INT
    SH_INT Member Posts: 3,187 Bronze Crown
    edited Nov 16, 2015 6:47AM

    Have you looked at the log activity for the hung process to see if there is any useful information there?

  • ThinkFDM
    ThinkFDM Member Posts: 224 Silver Badge
    edited Nov 16, 2015 9:19AM

    Also, check the file name format.  Remember, FDM requires a very specific file naming convention.  The file name should in the following format: File ID

    1. Location
    2. Category
    3. Period
    4. Load Method

    Example file name - b~Texas~Actual~Jan-2004~RR.txt.

    Both the FDM Classic and FDMEE Admin Guides have solid directions on this.

    Good luck.

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