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12c Multi Project in Parallel MUDE+RPD+BAR question

Hi All,

I'd been scurrying through documentations and Rmoff had a very useful (as always ) topic on the "basics" on RPD juggling on 12c..  ()

What i fail to grasp is how to do a "partial" migration?

In Bold what i'm not 100% sure yet, like how BAR will be utilized here?

Let's assume: Mude is up, etc.

  • I have projects 1->5 start RPD in parallel
  • Projects 6->10 are already onboard they work on RPD (fixes mainly, but some of them major stuff) and catalog

Development starts, project 2, project 4 require deployment to online and project 7 goes to UAT.

  • P2,P4:
    • They generate a patch?
  • P7:
    • We generate a BAR? (without user and connections)
    • Or RPD patch + Catalog Archive movement?
  • Based on the patches we download UAT and merge, then do a BAR merge?

Can someone do some clean up for me on a scenario that is a bit more complex then in the documentation?

(Ps.: yes, i read the MUDE guide and the Eden Project example, but it's very fuzzy now)

Thanks a lot in advance,



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