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Year close and Period dimension

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edited Dec 23, 2015 12:19PM in Planning and Budgeting

Hi all

We have a planning application with a set period dimension , with start and end months of January and December respectively as that is when we used to close  the year.

Company is being bought by a bigger company. we want to close the year in August instead of December now and start a fresh year in September and then close that in December .

Beg balance in September will be different then closing balance at the end of august due to adjustments of the merger.

AS far as i know we cant change the period dimension once its defined during app creation.

IS there any way we can achieve this ??

I was told to have a new cube built and use partition from new cube to existing cube to have access to historical data.

Please Guide .




  • USER1211
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    edited Dec 23, 2015 12:19PM
    1. What version of Hyperion are you on ?(this will come into play depending on options)
    2. Also do you have FDMEE and Essbase stand alone also?
    3. Are you all changing the fiscal year(currently jan to dec)  of your company to something else? That is a very key question:)

    If you are not changing the fiscal year  and simply want to get post and pre merger view. Why not simply create a version or scenario with the slice of the data post and pre merger(e.g ACTUALS_PREMERGER,ACTUALS_POSTMERGER). of course we do not know the size of your applications and all that  intricate details so of course any recommendation given you should test on a TEST environment first

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    thanks for responding .

    WE are  on . This is epma enabled app.

    size of application ia around 15 gb .

    dont have fdmee .

    essbase is stand alone.

    we are not changing all fiscal years .

    we are going to be on new gl from first of September .

    all the data before that will be zeroed out in old gl .

    new gl will have different beg balances as of sep 2015 that will different from end balance in August .

    if I create a scenario say " actuals premerger/actual post merger . and then load ACTUALS it will load and calculate actuals based on old beg balance that we had in  2009 when we start artes using hyperion .

    is there any way I can have two beg balances one that we already using and the new beg balance that we will have at the start of September . And load and calculate according to new beg balance ??

    i hope this clarifies the questions.

    i think main problem is having two beg balances and using the new one while keeping the historical data intact .

    please please help .



  • USER1211
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    edited Dec 23, 2015 12:19PM

    Okay. Not sure of the complexities of logic in your application. Generally actual are simply loaded into Hyperion , you state begbalances based on 2009 gives the indication you are doing more than simply loading  in your actual into Hyperion Planning ? There is no out of the box logic that rolls data from year to year. I believe then you all are performing calculations (e.g. balance sheet) on actual in Hyperion.

    Nonetheless the basic approach/option still holds true:

    Your Actuals up to August get fully calculated using your current business logic.

    You then copy the data from Actuals to  a “Actuals Pre merger” scenario

    You clear all data in the “ACTUALS” scenario.

    You can load whatever starting point data you want into the begbalance member of the Actual scenario (e.g Begbalance->Current Year)

    You start loading post-merger data into September for the Actual scenario.

    Your data in the actual scenario will only calculate based on the single begabalnce you loaded.

  • Phulsebosch
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    edited Nov 23, 2015 3:08AM

    Hello M,

    somebody already advised you to create a new planning application (not just cube) and that will be the correct direction. When you create a planning application, you define the period structure and the beginning month. These cannot be renamed later, unless you go beyond the supported methods. So, in order to get a clean period structure, you will have to create a new application with the correct settings. Then you will also get a BegBalance member before the month September.

    This application will be next your existing one, so you can transport all your objects like dataforms and other things that fit into the new structure.

    The data will likely more difficult. The major item will be if you have worked on level0 or not. If not, you will have a challenge to bring it to level0 or to transport it correctly. Also you will have to change the Year alias into a double digit year. I would not go with a partition, but store the data in the application, otherwise you are always linked to the old structure (also of other dimensions).

    I would also create an Essbase database (when your license allows) which has both period and year structures. After some adjustments with the beginbalance, you likely can compare the existing data in both structures. This will be handy to transfer the needed data into the new planning application as well.


    Philip Hulsebosch

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