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Script for Discoverer Report Names??

Reddy007 Member Posts: 147 Red Ribbon
edited Apr 15, 2016 11:30AM in Discoverer

Hi friends,

We are trying to Extract the discoverer Scripts, from application but it is taking too long time in order to achieve this and even Tool is responding slow.

Please provide query to find out discoverer report name is assigned to which responsibility and user(we are able to view the all  folder names)...??? So that we can Navigate to particular responsibility and take scripts

We are using :

OracleBI Discoverer 10g (

Thanks in Advance....


  • Reddy007
    Reddy007 Member Posts: 147 Red Ribbon
    edited Dec 14, 2015 8:19AM

    Please reply me Anybody as this didn't got solved yet...??

  • GreenMachine
    GreenMachine Member Posts: 7
    edited Feb 3, 2016 2:56PM

    SELECT "Business_Area",


                doc.doc_name "Work_Book",

                MIN (qs_act_elap_time) "Fastest",

                MAX (qs_act_elap_time) "Slowest",

                ROUND (AVG (qs_act_elap_time), 2) "AVG_secs",

                ROUND (AVG (qs_act_elap_time) / 60, 2) "AVG_mins",

                COUNT (*) "Often",


                MIN (acc.qs_created_date) "First",

                MAX (acc.qs_created_date) "Last_Access"

           FROM eul5_documents doc,

                apps.fnd_user usr,

                eul5_qpp_stats acc,

                (SELECT DISTINCT gd_doc_id

                   FROM eul5_access_privs) privs,

                (SELECT DISTINCT doc.doc_id, ba.ba_name ba

                   FROM eul5_documents doc,

                        eul5_elem_xrefs eex,

                        eul5_ba_obj_links bol,

                        eul5_objs obj,

                        eul5_bas ba

                  WHERE     doc.doc_id = eex.ex_from_id

                        AND eex.ex_to_par_name = obj.obj_name

                        AND obj.obj_id = bol.bol_obj_id

                        AND bol.bol_ba_id = ba.ba_id) ba

          WHERE     '#' || usr.user_id = doc.doc_created_by

                AND doc.doc_name = acc.qs_doc_name

                AND privs.gd_doc_id = doc.doc_id

                AND usr.user_name = UPPER (acc.QS_DOC_OWNER)

                AND doc.doc_created_date < acc.qs_created_date

                AND doc.doc_id = BA.doc_id

       GROUP BY,




  • Reddy007
    Reddy007 Member Posts: 147 Red Ribbon
    edited Feb 5, 2016 9:56AM

    Thankyou for your response.

  • Raju1225
    Raju1225 Member Posts: 138
    edited Apr 15, 2016 11:30AM

    the table eul5_access_privs resp information to pull workbooks list .

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