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Advice with Weblogic Server Pricing

Rhine23 Member Posts: 122
edited Dec 10, 2015 7:41AM in WebLogic Portal

Hi team,

how and would I be able to license the following for 1CPU and for 10 Named Users

Weblogic Basic & weblogic Suite 

My Question are:

Will Weblogic Basic and Weblogic Suite be each a quantity of 1 for the CPU matrix and is the 10NUP the minumin for Basic and Suite options.

Thank you guys. 


  • amey g
    amey g Member Posts: 2,631 Gold Trophy
    edited Dec 10, 2015 3:45AM


      You will get the information on below document.

    If you have any other questions, Please update.


  • Rhine23
    Rhine23 Member Posts: 122
    edited Dec 10, 2015 7:41AM

    Hi Amy,

    I managed to get a reply from Oracle pre-sales. This is what they said.

    The minimum NUPs for WLS is 10 (per licensable core x core factor).

    One can purchase 1 CPU license of the product, provided of course that this conforms to the underlying HW and core factors.

    1. e.g. 1 license on x86 = 2 cores. This would only be valid of course if it was deployed on HW that had 2 cores, or on a system where hard partitioning was applicable e.g. IBM LPAR (where core factor is 1:1).

    The 3 different WLS editions on the pricelist are:

    • Weblogic Standard Edition – (socket license model)
    • Weblogic Enterprise Edition
    • Weblogic Suite

    The 3 editions above are all the same from a binary perspective. The differences are in what features/functionality the customer is entitled to use.

    1. E.g. WLS SE does not permit the usage of WLS clustering. WLS EE and WLS Suite does allow this.

    WLS Suite is the grand daddy package that includes WLS EE as well as tons of other FMW and app server components.

    WebLogic Server Basic is a license-constrained version of WebLogic Server that is available in licenses for the following Oracle products:

    • Oracle Internet Application Server Standard Edition
    • Oracle Internet Application Server Standard Edition One
    • Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle Forms and Reports
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition

    Check here for detailed license and functionality restrictions:

    Weblogic Basic is not available as a stand-alone product on the pricelist / webquote system.

    Hope this helps.

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