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Changing Host IP address for VM from OPC (Ops Centre)

SC-BBK Member Posts: 51
edited Dec 22, 2015 6:02AM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

I am building Solaris 11.2  hosts (LDOMs) using Ops Centre.  All my machines have two interfaces.  However, when it comes to changing IP address, I can change the IP address using ipadm command on the host on one of the interfaces, i.e.

ipadm delete-addr net1/v4static

then create a new address, using

ipadm create-addr -a <new address> net1/v4static.

However, I am finding that the new address is not reflected in the Ops Centre.  Is this behaviour expected? 

When I stared using Ops Centre, I thought, it would similar to VMWare/ESX in functionality.  However, after few months, I am a bit disillusioned with the Ops Centre functionality. 

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