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Ops Center operational plans - how many targets are too many?

User_OYYM8 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
edited Dec 23, 2015 7:09PM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

I've got hundreds of global zones and non-global zones managed by Ops Center.  We run the agent on the global zones, but NOT on the non-global zones. When running an Operational Plan against multiple targets it seems to work just fine until you get over a certain number.

For instance if I had an Operational Plan that did nothing but "ls / > /var/tmp/ls_test" and ran that on five targets, they would all finish with no problem.  Ten targets, same thing.  Once you get to over 100 targets the job becomes unreliable.  You will get a mix of:

  • Jobs that finish normally - this is 95% of the jobs.
  • Jobs that Ops Center says is waiting to start, but when you log onto the target, you can see it already ran.
  • Jobs that failed.

After waiting quite a long time, I'll stop the Ops Center job, and a while after that I'll stop/start the agent on the global zones containing the jobs that won't stop.  That clears it up.

My question: How many targets should I reasonably expect to run an Operation Plan against?

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