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Can not remove asset that no longer exists

user13100342 Member Posts: 8 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 19, 2016 2:03PM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

can not remove asset that no longer exists

I have a server that has been decommissioned and re-provisioned with a new name and operating system

when this was done the old server was not removed from ops center before the reload

now the old name is there and if you try to remove it it asks for the login credentials then the job fails

if i go in thru the all assets and just try to delete the asset it still trys to remove the agent and fails

does anyone know a way to remove the asset and not worry about removing the asset as it no longer exists?

Thank you


  • User12616849-Oracle
    User12616849-Oracle Member Posts: 7
    edited Jan 19, 2016 2:03PM


    The delete asset job while failing to make connection to the asset with the prior credentials is expected in this scenario though the job should complete and remove  the skeleton MBean for this asset.     If the same IP is being used for the asset hopefully the credentials for root access are different as the job makes an SSH connection and would try and delete the asset.   If valid credentials were used this could delete the new/replacement asset.     

    For Ops Center there are three overall levels the top is the Enterprise Controller and it communicates to the Proxy Controllers there is at least one but can be many more depending on your site.   The Proxy is the focal point for the assets they communicate to the Proxy which then passes updates to the EC.    Each layer of the OC environment has its own DB of the domain model for that asset.   As you noted the original asset was re-provisioned this assets domain model references are gone.  This leaves the Proxy and the EC's references for the asset.       This is where the delete asset job comes into play as it should try an make SSH contact which should fail but the additional steps of the job should delete the skeleton domain model references.

    Depending on the version of Ops Center your running this job may or may not complete this deletion of the skeletal domain model references.    If this is the case please review MOS Document 1511266.1 to see if this helps.   If this fails or your needing additional assistance please open a service request for the Enterprise Manager Ops Center product in MOS.

    Ops Center 12c: Phantom Assets, Duplicate assets, Unable to Delete Assets... Last resort... Remove Asset from Database (Doc ID 1511266.1)

    Thank you

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