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Cellsrv process Doc ID 2074393.1

Carlo Rozza-Oracle
Carlo Rozza-Oracle Member Posts: 1
edited Jan 23, 2016 2:01PM in Exadata

hello all

could someone explain me what is the impact of the crash of the Cellsrv process?

If the service crash all the storage cell will go down and become unavailable to exadata?

thanks in advance for for  your help.

Best Regards




  • Kasey Parker
    Kasey Parker Oracle Enterprise Cloud Architect Frisco, TexasMember Posts: 100
    edited Jan 22, 2016 6:03PM

    If cellsrv crashes on just one storage cell it would take the storage resources down, but just for that cell. The other storage cells should still function normally and data should be available - based on the normal/high redundancy of your ASM disk groups. You will definitely see performance degradation though.

  • SPA09
    SPA09 Member Posts: 867 Gold Badge
    edited Jan 23, 2016 2:01PM


    it depends how many cell server you have and which redundancy is used concerning ASM disk groups.

    If one cell server crashes this is no problem while the fail groups are splitted over all of your cell servers.

    If there are more cell server crashing you have a problem with your disk groups and your redundancy is lost.

    So as described in the DOC ID do an installation of the patch if your environment is affected from the bug.

    To minimize the problem do not change to much in the disk group area like drop diskgroup etc. until you have installed the patch or the image of cell server is updated to >


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