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Active/Active Migration without downtime

Afshan Member Posts: 2
edited Jan 26, 2016 11:45PM in Data Guard

Hi I am looking for step by step documents for Dataguard Active/Active Migration without downtime.


  • mseberg
    mseberg Member Posts: 7,004 Silver Crown
    edited Jan 26, 2016 1:09PM

    Exactly what do you mean?

    Are you moving to another server? If Yes are you changing OS?

    These may help

    Migration Of An Oracle Database Across OS Platforms (Generic Platform) (Doc ID 733205.1)

    Migrating to RAC using Data Guard (Doc ID 273015.1)

    Which documents are helpful for an upgrade of a data guard configuration to 11gR2 (Doc ID 1338669.1)

    Best Regards


  • Markus Flechtner
    Markus Flechtner Member Posts: 503 Bronze Trophy
    edited Jan 26, 2016 1:33PM


    I agree with mseberg, more information is required for a detailled answer.

    Source-system: OS and Oracle-version?

    Target-system: OS and Oracle-version?

    From my understanding, an active-active-dataguard configuration (with bidirectional replication) is not possible,

    You can use bidrectional replication with Oracle streams or Oracle Golden Gate (additional license required).

    Best regards


  • Shivananda Rao
    Shivananda Rao Member Posts: 2,513 Gold Trophy
    edited Jan 26, 2016 11:45PM

    There is a lot more information missing on your thread. It's equivalent of saying "I'm moving, I need a house" without saying from where to where and what exactly I'm looking for.

    Please provide more details of your plan, what migration are you looking for, from what platform to what, the database versions and possibly more details.

    -- Shivananda Rao

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