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LDOMs using OPS Centre have problem

SC-BBK Member Posts: 51

I went for LDOMs (VMs) on our Solaris Sparc Servers.  We had two T5 servers and made a Pool and built our LDOMs and hosts underneath it.  We also used Oracle Ops Centre 12.c to build our LDOMs and hosts.

The whole idea looked good on paper, as it looked similar to VMWare type, being able to move one VM from one physical host to another physical host.  The limitation was that we could not change the LDOM (VM) name.

However, the problem started to surface, as we built more machines and wanted different functionalities, which are usually taken for granted. 

  • We could change the hostname of the machine, but it would not show up in the Ops Centre. 

  • We could change the IP address of the machine, from the host, but it would not show up in the Ops Centre.  Doing it from the Ops Centre, say over net1, creates vnic.  While this may not be a problem, this certainly was not the expected behaviour.

  • The major problem was the inability to move the LDOM (VM) from one physical machine to the other while the machine is still running.  We found a way out, but shutting down the machine, and moving the machine that way, but that was not I expected.  The problem could be due to the lack of experience of the consultant who set it up.

However, the other two are real problems and should be addressed.  If anybody has faced these problems and found a way round it, I would be grateful if they can share their knowledge.  BTW, we have Ops Centre  The latest one is 12.3 and I am not sure going to the most recent version of the Ops Centre will solve our existing problem.

Having seen these problem, as a person, who looks after the whole enterprise, I am not sure whether I would recommend anybody to go for Ops Centre or for that matter LDOMs

Marcel Hofstetter JomaSoftSC-BBK


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    1623513 Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2016

    Similar story here. I am in operations and manage, support and worked on heterogeneous products like Vcenter, IBM HMC. This is the only product where I spend more time and effort to manage the management layer ( ops center ). The basic things are so complicated and documents are there but again too much data to go through. I am just managing 3 physical hosts from T5120 with 32 GB RAM, and that too feels slow for day to day operations. But I feel over time and through the product upgrades slowly it will stabilize. Vmware has set the benchmark so high that it's difficult to compare features but again that's licensed.

  • SC-BBK
    SC-BBK Member Posts: 51
    edited February 2016

    I have really spent hours.  Logged call with Oracle.  My view is that if somebody asks me whether I would go down in future with Solaris on Sparc environment, I would say no.  More and more third part software providers are moving away from Solaris.  Full Stop.  20 years ago as a Solaris Sysadmin, I could run everything on Solaris and on Sparc environment.  However things have changed rapidly.  Ops Centre was supposed to be an answer to manage all the Solaris machines and we had a plan to do so for our 19 different machines and few more.  However, I do not see how it can be done in the near future.

    If anybody from Oracle is reading this, please try to answer this.

  • SC-BBK
    SC-BBK Member Posts: 51
    edited February 2016

    Finally, we have some solution regarding migrating LDOMs (VMs) from one physical machine to another from Ops Centre.  It required an upgrade to Ops Centre 12.3, then the upgrade of agents in the Control/Service domains of the Server pool machines.  After 7 months, something that should have worked from the beginning is working now.  The problem with Network has been flagged as a bug by Oracle. We are getting round it.  This is not acceptable - and not the replacement for VMWare/ESX by any means.  One thing I have learned from all these, is to interview the consultant beforehand

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