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Move 5 RAC/2 nodes ASM on AIX to another datacenter

2670989 Member Posts: 2
edited Jun 2, 2016 5:44AM in Optimized Solutions

Hi all,

we want to move 5 RAC/2 nodes AIX 6.1 nodes from datacenter A to datacenter B with minimum downtime.

DC A :


- ASM DG's with NORMAL redundancy (40TB for all DBs)


- same but ASM DG's with EXTERNAL redundancy on VPLEX METRO

What are for you the best solutions to move DBs with minimum downtime ?

- RMAN COPY ==> downtime

- Dataguard/GODEL GATE ==> $$$$$

- DC A : recreate DG in EXTERNAL redundancy and then move (EMC repli)  to DC B ==> downtime

Thanks in advance for your answers.




  • Larry-Oracle
    Larry-Oracle Member Posts: 3
    edited Jun 1, 2016 5:32PM

    Reviewing and following the articles we have posted on "Architecture Matters" one can find examples of migration and upgrading to the Optimized Solution for Secure Oracle Database running on Oracle SPARC with newest generation M7. For either the aforementioned process with minimum downtime or following a process with least amount of downtime please review Oracle Support note 413484.1, and of course Doc IDs 1389592.1, and 2005729.1.

  • 2670989
    2670989 Member Posts: 2
    edited Jun 2, 2016 5:44AM


    thanks for your reply. I've found a easy and quick solution :

    - RMAN backup from FR on LUN attached on the migration link between FR and IT

    - replicate the LUN

    - RMAN restore in IT and recreate services on new Hosts/cluster

    Transfer rate 1,5TB/hour, it's perfect for me.

    Manies of DBS where move within an hour.

    Best regards