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Defining Custom User Access for HCM Cloud (Talent)

Mark Krusec-Oracle
Mark Krusec-Oracle Member Posts: 1
edited Jan 28, 2016 10:44AM in HCM Cloud Service

I have a very specific use case request from one of my customers.

They have three primary roles that they have created in Fusion for purposes of Goal Setting, Performance, Compensation and Succession Planning:


Line Manager

HR Specialist

They also have some other IT-related roles.

They would like to create a custom role that allows the user to initiate a password reset but not to see salary information.    The idea here would be to expand the range of people in the HR team who can support password resets without opening the door to sensitive salary data.

The client has submitted a request and been literally given 10 MOS documents to review.   I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who can supply a step by step process for this type of thing

Thank you!

Mark Krusec

Principal Customer Success Manager

Oracle HCM Cloud

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