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Upgrade UCM 10g to 11g/12c

user11110762 Member Posts: 150 Blue Ribbon
edited Feb 2, 2016 5:32AM in WebCenter Content

My question has two parts:-

1)What is the best way to upgrade UCM 10g to 12c?Do we have direct upgrade steps or it has to be via 11g upgrade(i.e.10g-->11g-->12c)?

Please help me with steps if possible?

2)As per my knowledge two important steps for 10g to 11g upgrade are:-

1)To upgrade the 10g database using the upgrade assistant.

2)To upgrade the newly installed 11g middleware using the upgrade assistant again.

Now what I want to know is do we have to manually migrate the contents from 10g to 11g using archiver batches or the middleware upgrade assistant would have pointed the 11g directory locations to that of the existing 10g ones?What about the custom components?



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