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OBI 12C - Validations pre-migration to 12c

Hi All,

We have a customer in Argentina that is considering upgrading to OBI 12c.  They are in V., but first they want to validate some things:

1. They have Mobile Apps build in 11g, are those migrated to 12c automatically ?   Do they have to have any special consideration on this point ?

2. They are having an issue with essbase connection in the rpd.  When there is a change in essbase structure (changes in the outline, like new dimensions) they cannot add the new element in the RPD, instead they have to re-import the essbase cube and re-create the business and presentation layer.  (They have an SR but support is not giving them any clue on it)

    Is this bug fixed in 12c ?

3. They have build a webapp and they are applying security in this app based on the security settings configured in OBI.  They implemented this by accesing the OBI users and App Roles via webservices.

They want to confirm that there is no mayor change in 12c respect of this security WS to be sure that they custom web app will continue working.

Thanks in advance,


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