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User Policies are missing from WLP

ralgal Member Posts: 2
edited Mar 12, 2016 9:13AM in WebLogic Portal

Hey guys,

I am using WebLogic Server Version: and last month the Admin server was getting Stuck threads at the same hour every night . Searching the web for a solution I came across an article found here:

Saying that in order to prevent this from happening on the admin server I should:

1. Go to %DOMAIN_HOME%serversAdminServer ($DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer). Zip up the folders “cache” and “tmp”. Delete the files inside but not the directories

2. Go to %DOMAIN_HOME%serversAdminServerdata ($DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/data) and zip up the “ldap” folder. Delete the ldap directory.

3. Restart the admin

I did that and my problem was solved. No more stuck threads on the admin server. However all my visitor entitlements have disappeared. UserRoles, Groups end entitlements are all gone. I tried restoring the files but the visitor entitlements, groups and roles did not come back.

I tried adding new visitor entitlements - I press save - it says it has saved it but the list is still empty.

Could you please tell me how I can restore or create my entitlements?


  • amey g
    amey g Member Posts: 2,631 Gold Trophy
    edited Mar 12, 2016 9:13AM


    I would suggest you to open the service request for this as its very difficult to solve your problem on forum.

    Do you have prior database/LDAP backup ?

    WebLogic Portal does not have a good official story for recovering from out-of-sync conditions. WebLogic Portal's official advice is to restore the latest clean database and LDAP backup then recreate any necessary Entitlement data. It is also encouraged to backup database and LDAP early and often.

    Please check below DOC ID.



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