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Discussions BR->Calcmgr Folder doesn't exist after migration

Agnete Member Posts: 68
edited Mar 12, 2016 5:37AM in Planning and Budgeting


We are running through an upgrade from< and running into several problems with the business rules migration.

We ran the prerequisite steps to the migration according to the indications in the whitepaper on BR->Calmgr migration and the prerequisite steps in the maintenance section of the installation manual:

So far I am running into 2 issues in unrelated apps:

Issue 1:  Project not imported as folder/security isn't complete.

1.  An app ran the migration in Calcmgr without errores and I validated the rules, sequences, and macros against their counterparts which appear correct.

2..  Deployed to rules to planning as per instructions

3.  I imported the security as per instructions (it ran as far as I can see without errors.

However after the import I don't see a folder for the project that existed in Business Rules.  I only see a single person with access to one rule, the rest of the rules are not visible in the business rules security functionality.  The hbrRules.xml is from the exact same environment so the native user ids (also the unique id) are the same.  Any bids as to why the folder is missing?

Issue 2:  Errors in calcmgr migration step from HBR

In a different app I ran into errors in the import.  Part of the rules were imported but for a subset I saw errors like these:

Error:None of the launch locations defined for the rule <rulename> match the location the rule was migrated to.

RuleSet <sequence_name>.  Some of the sequences got imported by went into several different apps.

I know that the rules at least were left with no outline association as indicated in the documentation, and the location was specified carefully and the access tab was checked to ensure it matched the location.  No all locations and at least one location and one security declaration was left in each rule. (I did thid myself).

However the sequences launch variables were left as associated with the locations of the rules but some were left empty.  Could this be provoking my problem?  The empty ones were usually because the sequence had multiple execution database declarations not compatible with the rules participating in it and we weren't sure how to handle the fact that the subset rules weren't always pointing to the same location.

Anyone know how to fix this?  I am stuck with a database and an XML as I no longer have HBR in the easconsole after the upgrade so I image I'd have to change this by hand?

Really pressed for time on this upgrade so your help is very appreciated.


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  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    edited Mar 10, 2016 12:08PM

    The migration from Business Rules to Calculation Manager can be a painful task and sometimes requires some manual intervention and understanding the XML

    Did you not export some of the HBR rules etc in Calculation Manager Mode.



  • Agnete
    Agnete Member Posts: 68
    edited Mar 10, 2016 12:47PM

    I did an export to calcmgr mode only of the essbase rules, as I was of the understanding that the ordinary export was required for planning.    The closest I can get is the output of prod but in prod none of the prerequisite steps have been taken.

    For the folder issue I checked the xml output of the importsecurity step and I have the folder in the output including the rules belonging to it.  I also for a very brief moment saw the folder (I had a single rule in no folder and there was an option to put in in the folder which unwisely I did and now both the rule and the folder are invisible.  IN the object table of the planning app I have an object with the folder name associated with an object_type id = 118 however when I go to the object type table no such object type exists.

    The folder is identified here in the output of the results of the security import:


    <folders><folder name="PL_xxxxx" id="7"><property name="application">PL_appxx</property><property name="plantype">xxxx</property><folderitem type="rule" name="" id="245"/><folderitem type="rule" name="PL_xxxxx - 01 xxx" id="243"/><folderitem type="rule" name="PL_xxxxx - 02 xx" id="244"/> ETC ETC ETC</folder></folders

    Also I am certain that object I found is the folder as it's parent node is calcmgrrules. 

    For the other issue I have an SR open as I am lost as to what I need to be looking for.


  • Agnete
    Agnete Member Posts: 68
    edited Mar 10, 2016 1:17PM

    Worked out the folder issue.  It was a problem with the chair to keyboard interface :-) as I was looking in the wrong place.

    I am still working on the issue with the sequences.  Do you have any idea of what exactly I need to be looking out for there? 


  • Agnete
    Agnete Member Posts: 68
    edited Mar 11, 2016 10:49AM

    Still working on the sequences:

    All the rules have migrated correctly to calcmgr, I checked and they are all available.  Of 23 sequences only 17 migrated successfully for the application.  They correspond to 4 empty secuences (which had no rules and hence appeared in all locations contained in the xml), and 2 other secuences which have fewer rules that the rest.  I've not been able to pinpoint the difference between the successfull sequences and unsuccessfull ones though so far.

  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    edited Mar 12, 2016 5:37AM

    I suppose the most import part is that all the rules have been migrated, rulesets are not too much of a problem to manually create to replicate the remaining sequences.



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