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Discoverer command line (dis51usr.exe) erroring out with Invalid value for parameter

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edited Mar 12, 2016 11:30AM in Discoverer


I am on discoverer I am working on trying to automate generation of discoverer reports into a shared location by using discoverer command line. The command I am using is as follows

CALL c:\oracle\BIToolsHome_1\bin\dis51usr.exe /CONNECT user/[email protected] /eul EUL_NAME /apps_user /apps_responsibility "Responsibility Name" /opendb "Workbook Name" /SHEET "Sheet Name" /PARAMETER "From Invoice Date" '02-JAN-2015' /PARAMETER "To Invoice Date" '02-JAN-2015' /LOGFILE discrpt_log.log /BATCH /export xls C:\Users\user_name\Desktop\Test.xls /BATCH

I am running into a strange issue where a few reports are getting generated fine with the above command and some other are failing with error message

Invalid value "From Invoice Date" for parameter "02-JAN-2015"

Invalid value "To Invoice Date" for parameter "02-JAN-2015"

I have tried several things but nothing is helping

1) Putting date in single quotes, double quotes, no quotes

2) Checked the property of the reports working and not working. COuld not find any difference.

3) Checked underlying queries. Could not find any glaring difference

4) Checked parameter setup at the report level. No difference here either.

I am not able to figure out what could be causing some reports to work fine and others to error out. Can someone please help!



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