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Mysql & Glassfish app service instance

edited Mar 24, 2016 11:38AM in Java Cloud Service

Is it possible to create an instance for glassfish app server while I'm running oracle java cloud service?

I can see that weblogic 12c is the default app server and oracle as database.

Thank you.


  • Manish Kapur-Oracle
    Manish Kapur-Oracle Member Posts: 73 Employee
    edited Mar 24, 2016 11:38AM

    With Java Cloud Service, you get access to VM via ssh. So yes, technically you could install GlassFish application server in that VM. But I don't believe it is recommended and certified. In a way you will be defeating the purpose of JCS which is providing Java EE implementation via WebLogic server with all the cloud tooling automation(patching, scaling, backup/restore). Since GlassFish is also Java EE implementation, have you considered migrating your application to JCS (WebLogic)? The other option could be installing GlassFish on Oracle IaaS (compute).

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