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Creation of I/O Domain using virtual functions as HBA ports

pablomh Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

Hi there,

This is going to be my first question to the community, so greetings to everyone

I'm trying to deploy a test I/O domain that will use several IOVFC VFs exported by both a primary and a service domain as its HBAs and I'm having difficulties while doing it.

- I've created a "Physical IO Domain" profile with 4 "Fibre Channel Device" PCIE Endpoints and 4 NICs (2 on every network I plan to give access to).

- When I try to apply its deployment plan it complains that the VM server target has "no free PCIe endpoints". That is partially true, as all the "physical" resources have been shared between the control and service domain, but they're lots of IOVFC virtual functions not assigned yet that could be picked...

Am I trying to set up an unsupported configuration or am I doing it wrong(TM)?

Thanks in advance and kind regards.



  • Marcel Hofstetter JomaSoft
    Marcel Hofstetter JomaSoft Member Posts: 276 Silver Badge
    edited April 2016

    What's your goal with the I/O domain?

    If you would like to serve your guest, when the primary is down
    you need to assign a full PCI BUS to the I/O domain.

    Best regards,


  • pablomh
    pablomh Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
    edited April 2016

    Hi Marcel,

    The goal for the I/O domain would be to use the virtual functions HBAs exported by the control and service domains (as opposed to physical HBAs). In order to do so, the primary has virtualized those physical functions using SR-IOV, created up to 16 virtual HBAs from every physical HBA and assigned control of half of them to the service domain to split the I/O to the guests.

    We have created I/O domains this way using "regular OS commands", but we would like to use OpsCenter to streamline the whole process.



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