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ERROR: No Ops Center Agent configured.

User_SB4ZW Member Posts: 92 Red Ribbon


I'm facing the following errors:

ERROR: No Ops Center Agent configured.

I Had Perform the following :

Run agentadm configure :

# /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/agentadm configure -u <admin user> -p < passwdfile> -x Proxy IP >

# /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/agentadm start

[email protected] # /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/agentadm configure -u root -p /var/tmp/passwd1 -x xx.xx.xx.xx

agentadm: Version launched with args: configure -u root -p /var/tmp/passwd1 -x xx.xx.xx.xx

Validating step : workarounds configure  -u root -p /var/tmp/passwd1 -x xx.xx.xx.xx

Validating step : db configure  -u root -p /var/tmp/passwd1 -x xx.xx.xx.xx

/var/run/cacao/instances/scn-agent/run/*.pid: No such file or directory

Validating step : sc_console configure  -u root -p /var/tmp/passwd1 -x xx.xx.xx.xx

verified sc_console command is OK

Validating step : setup_hmp configure    -u root -p /var/tmp/passwd1

Validating step : scn_agent configure

scn_agent Common Agent Container environment is OK

Validating step : uce_agent configure

Validating step : config_sysconfig configure

Validating step : final configure

End of validation

executing step : workarounds

workaround  configuration done.

executing step : db

/var/run/cacao/instances/scn-agent/run/*.pid: No such file or directory

configuring db

ERROR: - Failed to decrypt the password.

Failed to initialize DB

[email protected] #

Thank YOu

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