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HFR - Exported in Excel custom Number formatting issue

3222337 Member Posts: 36
edited May 9, 2016 12:25PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting

I have created a HFR and the users want to use it in exported Excel format as they have a few existing excel reports against which they want to compare Hyperion report.

The issue is with the Percentage values. When HFR are exported, the percentage values comes out as "Custom" excel Number format instead of "Percentage" Excel Number format.

When the users try to compare the Hyperion report with Existing excel % values, it gives them wrong numbers.(As 97% in "Custom" Excel Number format is equal to 9700% in "Percentage" Excel Number format.

Any solution to export the report in Excel and show percentage values in "Percentage" excel Number format instead of "Custom" format ?



  • USER1211
    USER1211 Member Posts: 3,104
    edited May 6, 2016 5:27PM

    What version of Hyperion are you on?(including patch level)

  • 3222337
    3222337 Member Posts: 36
    edited May 9, 2016 12:25PM

    We are working on with following patch levels :

    Reporting and Analysis Framework :

    HFR :

    Planning :

    Hyperion provider services :

    Let me know if its possible on some other version or if any patch is available; if there is no other way around.


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