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Log flusher continues to encounter error

User_LJPZM Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon
edited May 26, 2016 11:10AM in TimesTen In-Memory Database

today my TT DB replication Process down and Transaction log has not been updated.I see the tterrors log,find following information :

2016-05-26 08:17:17.56 Err :    : 3146232: 4260078/110d368f0: Log flusher continues to encounter error 894: TT0894: Cannot write log file 2516.  OS-detected error: Missing file or filesystem -- file "logflusher.c", lineno 3511, procedure "sbLogBufBlksWriteReserve" (this is report 29; first report was at Thu May 26 04:10:37 2016).  fslsn = 2516.103792640, disklsn = 2516.103792640, ckptInfo.existLFN = 2516, newestlfn = 2516.

Last through ramunload and ramload solve the question.I check my file system is ok and i do not update the log by hand,just mount the file system,I think should not occur this question . is a BUG?    in addition, i want know why ramunload and ramload can solve this question .


  • ChrisJenkins-Oracle
    ChrisJenkins-Oracle Senior Director, In-Memory Technology United KingdomMember Posts: 3,412 Employee
    edited May 26, 2016 10:55AM

    I believe that this issue is under investigation via an SR to Oracle support. I do not want to second guess the results of that investigation but the most likely explanation is that the filesystem containing the logs was not mounted and so TimesTen was not able to write the log file. Another possibility is that log file 2516 had been deleted by someone or something. It is also conceivable that this is a bug but it is unlikely.


  • User_LJPZM
    User_LJPZM Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon
    edited May 26, 2016 11:10AM

    I have checked,the log file 2516  had mounted and not been deleted, this question has send SR to oracle support.but the other question is why use ttramunload and ttramload can sovle this question.I would understand when log can not use ,may use ttramunload and ttramload sovle such questions.

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