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Is it possible to enable queuing for user transactions

870002 Member Posts: 40
edited Jun 1, 2016 6:17AM in Advanced Queueing

We are using oracle database 11g and websphere portal as front end application.

In a certain process when multiple transactions are triggered from users, we are facing deadlock issues and the whole system is hanged.

Now could you please assist us whether it is possible to enable queuing in database and restrict user sessions to complete one by one.


  • WGabriel
    WGabriel Member Posts: 202 Bronze Badge
    edited Jun 1, 2016 6:17AM


    first of all it would be better to analyze the reasons for the deadlocks in your portal. You did not find any vulnerability?

    In principle, it would be possible to redesign your portal transactions for using AQ functionality. But this would imply a complete redesign,

    because all data modifications (DML actions) have to be done in a dedicated process using an enqueue / dequeue mechanism.

    All of your portal data which should be modified will be queued for each user and a new AQ process will do the data changes.

    Kind regards,


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