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Using the Oracle AQ JMS java api (aqapi.jar) library to create JMS Provider on generic application s

edited Jul 18, 2016 2:08PM in Advanced Queueing

Is the provided Oracle AQ JMS java api (aqapi.jar) library enough to configure a functioning JMS provider (and associated connection factories and queues)?  I've managed to create a JMS Provider, and a connection factory.  However I'm running into obscure issues configure and retrieving a queue via JNDI in my container.

I tried to use the Oracle AQ RAR file provided (ojms.rar) in WebSphere however it seems to be custom build for WebLogic and runs into all kinds of class loading issues that I tried to resolve.  When it started looking for Oracle specific MBean configuration I gave up on it.

I'm working with:

Oracle Database

WebSphere Application Server 8.5

Frustration comment: I've had to get this far by sweat and tears because there is next to no specific documentation on HOW to use Oracle's provided RAR and Jar libraries on this topic.  To me this seems to be a vendor war type situation where Oracle documents how to use their "generic" resource adapter in WebLogic.  However good luck figuring out how to use it in WebSphere or Jboss.



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